Eating Out On Ketogenic Diet

Eating Out On Ketogenic Diet

With such hectic lives and tight schedules, cooking meals at home sometimes becomes quite difficult. So, eating out at restaurants or fast food places becomes an easier option. However, if you are on a strict keto diet, you tend to run into few problems when ordering your food. Most of the restaurants and fast food places do not offer low carb food items on their menu.

Although it might sound challenging, but, with some easy tips and tricks, it will become very easy for you to order your customized low carb meal without a hassle. Lets discuss about the tips and effects of eating out on ketogenic diet.

How To Order a Keto Diet Meal at a Restaurant?

Most of the restaurants place their attention on having a hard carb diet. So, as challenging as it might sound, it is possible to order a customized plate for yourself with a low carbohydrate intake.

Basically, almost all the restaurants provide meat, seafood, fish and eggs as their staple ingredients. Instead of ordering any kind of grain based products such as croutons, breads and rice, you can easily opt for steaks, egg benedict, poached eggs, grilled fish and other similar food items to go well with your keto diet.

What About Fast Food Restaurants?

Fast food chains are all about burgers, pizzas and tacos, but if you customize your plate, you will find it easier to consume a low carb meal even at those places. Instead of ordering any kind of bread based product, you can go for grilled chicken and other salads. Apart from that, scrambled eggs with green salads are a great option when you are on a keto diet.

Can getting drunk on a weekend hamper your Keto Diet?

Some alcoholic beverages such as rum, vodka and whiskey might be ok if you are on keto diet. However, most of the grain based beverages such as dark beer, dessert wines and cocktails should be avoided if you do not want to cause any problems with your ketosis.

Last but not the least, it is quite obvious that when you are following a keto diet, the best option for you is to prepare your meals personally at your home. However, sometimes it is also important to go out with your friends and family to socialize, so, it is very important for you to choose the restaurants and food items which you will be able to consume while you are in ketosis.