Keto Diet Breakfast

Keto Diet Breakfast

A ketogenic breakfast is a breakfast that contains foods that have a low-carb content and high-fat diet. It involves reducing the carbohydrate amount and replacing it with fat so as to achieve ketosis which is a metabolic state.

A ketogenic breakfast menu helps your body to become extremely efficient in fat burning for some good amount of energy.

Below is a list of the best ketogenic breakfast menu for you.

Eggs and vegetable fried in coconut oil

This is one of the best ketogenic breakfast menus to start your day off right. It offers you plenty of fats and very limited carbohydrates. The fat available in this menu is synthesized into energy that keeps your morning moving.

Proscuitto avocado wrapped with an egg

It contains protein-rich avocado that is wrapped with prosciutto. The avocado is then mixed with an egg. The dish then served with cauliflower rice to boost the fiber content to prevent constipation for your morning.

Liver sausage and some eggs

Liver contains a good amount of protein. However, they can be challenging to eat without being accompanied with something else. A combination of liver sausage and an egg in the morning is one of the best ketogenic breakfast plates.

Bacon and an egg muffin

A piece of bacon muffins and an egg will do you good in burning fats for some energy.

Low carb waffles

Low carb waffles is another recipe you can add to your keto diet breakfast menu. This is a combination of egg white, coconut flour, baking powder, stevia, and some milk. Try it and enjoy the energy during morning working hours.

Almond butter and an apple

This keto diet breakfast dish simply contains an apple accompanied by some almond butter. This gives you the energy required.

Eggs and steak

This ketogenic breakfast is simply made from an egg and steak. A small piece of avocado can also be added to boost the amount of fat in the menu.

Spicy shrimp omelet

This breakfast omelet contains plain eggs, shrimp and spinach, it has fewer carbs and plenty of fats to burn.

A ketogenic breakfast is healthy and has a variety of health benefits.